Saturday, February 4, 2012

On again

We're back "on" again, underway. I finished up a video for Regatta Pointe marina in Palmetto. These videos are taking almost a week from start to finish. My clients have been very happy with my work and offer us extra time to hang out. We always have some project to do so we hang around and take advantage of the hospitality. These marinas get to be fiberglass magnets! Hard to pull away from the dock. But pull away we did. Under a stiff cross breeze, we clawed out of the slip and headed south to Sarasota. We decided to run inside the ICW; going outside to the next good anchorage would take longer than current daylight would allow. We're still uncomfortable sailing at night. We did get in some nice, relaxing sailing on Sarasota Bay on the way down. Another great day on the water.

I'll guess there's 30 or more boats at anchor here, a good stop with plenty of room.

We only had 2 draw bridges today, tomorrow has about 8! Each one can slow us down from a few minutes to a half hour. It gets tedious circling around in a tight channel with a stiff cross wind. Oh the trials & tribulations of cruising (tribulations? What is a tribulation anyway?)

Superbowl is tomorrow. We'll be able to pick it up with the new antenna I installed at the top of the mast. Or we'll stay in Sarasota and dingy in to a waterfront watering hole. We can't even predict what we're doing 12 hours from now!

On again, off again; who knows? If the sun comes up tomorrow, we'll make a decision!

Posted by Ed aboard S/V Freedom