Friday, August 15, 2014


We anchored in beautiful Somes Harbor, enjoying the surrounding Acadia National Park.

A storm rolled in with predicted 15-20 knot winds. It turned into 20-30 knot winds with gusts to 40 knots! It seems the storms always come at night. 3 boats dragged anchor. We stayed up all night on anchor watch, worried about the boats nearby dragging into us. As daylight broke we discovered that a lobster pot was blown into our anchor chain and was wrapped around it. We've been doing a great job dodging them and keeping them out of our propeller. This one seemed to take it personally and came to find us. Ed had to go out in the dinghy and unravel the tangle of pot warps from our chain. It was an old, unattended pot encrusted with mussels.

Ed hauled the trap to the surface to make sure it was clear of our chain and anchor.

With help from a neighbor the trap was dragged clear of all the anchored boats.