Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lobstah for Dinnah

Beautiful Maine

It seems like our trip north to Maine took much longer this year. We had longer wait times for a good weather windows to travel north and we had weather forcasts that were uncertain at best.

This is the spot tracker route. All the green number tags are places we stopped and the sailboat is where we are now. You can click the link at the top of the blog to follow along.

Oyster Bay in Long Island sound was beautiful and they had a Clam Bar that had great clams at a reasonable price (for New York).

These little babies nested in the awning above our table. So cute.

We flew my dads memorial flag for the 4th of July while anchored near Greenport, New York.

Our good friends chauffeured us arond Newport, RI and gifted us with some lovely (and very tastey) wine! We always love our Newport stops.

We waited in Onset, Ma much longer than we wanted. There is nothing wrong with the area it was just that we kept planning to leave "tomorrow". Thunderstorms and fog delayed us. We took a short day to head to Hull Bay, an outer bay off Boston,to anchor and wait for our weather window to head to Maine.

At last we had a near perfect forcast to head north to Maine. Winds should have been light NW early, quickly changing to SW and then S. Okay, that didn't happen but we had calm seas and sailed in NW winds 8-20 knots) till sunset when the winds died and the big old full moon rose.

Another beautiful sunset at sea

2 ships that pass in the night. This mega yacht was headed south.

We got our anchor down in time to watch this sailboat race.

Now time for a nap and then we'll hunt down some lobsters for dinner!