Wednesday, October 16, 2013





saturated with liquid, esp. water; soaked through.

It's October so we must be in Annapolis for the US Sailboat show.   To say that it rained and was chilly, wet and windy is an uderstatement.  We had a rainstorm stalled over Annapolis and it poured, in buckets, for four of the five days of the show.  Sailors are troopers, we didn't let rain stop us, we donned our foul weather gear and trudged, sodden through the show.  What a blast.

Ed shot videos for Sail magazine. He rigged a plastic bag around the camera to keep it dry. The show must go on.

It was not all work. We spent a lot. A lot of time hanging with friends at Pussers (the local restaurant and bar). And a lot of money on cool boat gear, in fact all the money we made on the Sail magazine shoot.

Monday was the final day of the show. It was bright and sunny.....yay!

We are now getting underweigh to head south.