Thursday, September 26, 2013


We are still in Annapolis, enjoying the town and visiting with old friends like Lawrence and Elaine on Elle and I, whom we met last year in Northport, NY.  It had been almost a year exactly since we had last seen them. Here is Elle & I anchored in Spa Creek.  We've also met a few new friends, but most of our time has been spent working on projects.   We had the boat hauled out of the water to inspect the bottom, we needed to make sure that there was no below the water line damage from the lightening strike on Labor Day. All is good with the boat bottom, now we need to replace the wind instrument that was fried.  

One issue on a boat when installing new systems is the wiring!  The idea is simple, attach the new wiring to the old and pull it through.  The reality is a little more difficult.  In an older boat there are dead wires that previous owners left laying around below the floors and behind walls. This makes finding the correct wire among the spagetti of wires difficult.  We are pulling some of those old wires out to get rid of them to make more room and this can be time consuming.  We also ran into some very tight spaces for the wire and tight for us to fit into to guide the wire.  

We have the new wind display and the new tri-data display in place and all wired up, this was the easy part.  We still need to go to the top of the mast and install the anemometer and run the new wire down the 63 feet of the mast and insert the speed wheel into the bottom of the hull.  The speed wheel requires us to pull the old one (opening a hole through the hull UNDER WATER) and QUICKLY install the new one. We'll let you know how that goes.