Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I need to make water Miss Daisy

The boat came with a desalination unit, AKA watermaker. We never used it and the previous owners hadn't used it for several years either. So it needed a complete rebuild. It was capable of making 6 gallons per hour but had the ability to make double that with a second membrane. Since it would use the same amount of electricity, why not!

It took a while but was finally installed Monday and we tested it yesterday. Took a bit of fiddling to bleed out all the air but we did get it to run at 12 GPH. This will be a great luxury in the Bahamas where water is scarce and you usually have to buy it. Of course we'll need gas for the generator so it's not 'free' water. Some refer to it as turning gasoline into water!

That's our last, final project. We've left Stuart and are staging for a crossing to the Bahamas. Yea!

The total list of projects completed while in Stuart:

Rebuilt watermaker
Regalvanized anchor chain
2 100 watt solar panels and charge controller
Rebuilt forward electric head
Replumbed forward head discharge
New SSB tuner
New backstay with SSB insulator and new chainplate
New stereo with cockpit remote
New wiring to all 4 speakers
New cockpit storage cubbies
Relocated secondary VHF antenna
New windows in bimini roof
Rebuilt dinghy outboard carburetor
New dinghy davit blocks
Removed lectrasan and painted bilge area
Relabeled power panel
Shorthauled boat; powerwash, new zincs, lubed all thru hulls, coated prop for barnacle protection
Installed Winchrite electric winch handle
Oil and filter change

The to-do list is now down to a short story from an epic novel.

And, since departing Annapolis for Stuart, I've edited 28 videos we shot there. Plus I shot 7 more in S Fl.

Time for the crystal clear Bahamian water, empty beaches, snorkeling, fishing and some drone photography!!