Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

"The only way to get a good crew is to marry one".
-Eric Hiscock

Special Delivery

My sweetie had this special delivery for me for Valentine's Day! Happy Anniversary to you, too!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Grabbing the Brass Ring

Project time on Freedom! Although we got a slow start, the projects are in full force now. Ed and I both came down with our first cold since we started cruising. One of the worst chest colds we have ever had. It was unusual that we started getting symptoms at the exact same time. We are now well and have been working on many improvements. Here are just some.

These brass rings are part of our teak lighting fictures. There are 10 of them! I am polishing them and using an insulater wax (in hopes that the shine will last a while). I also polished our brass trawler lamp.

Here is a before and after of our fender covers. Fenders are used to cushion the boat from docks and pilings and are notoriously dirty and ugly!

I bought some vinyl and made new covers for our jerry jugs (they hold extra gas and diesel). Our canvas ones became stained and ugly. I hope these will wash off easily. I had extra fabric and made this bag for the anhor rode for our stern anchor. We don't often use the stern anchor but the rode (rope used to attach to the anchor) needs to be readily available in an emergency. This bag sits in the back, out in the elements. I put some mesh inserts to allow air flow.

Our salon fixed ports (windows) are really hazy and have needed to be replaced. It was a project that always got pushed down the list. One of them started leaking consistently so this project moved up the list. We now have two of the four done. Here you can see the old hazy port next to the new clear one. The blue is masking tape that gets removed so we have a nice clean line of calk. The silver washers will also be removed. They are there to keep the plexiglass in place until the calk is fully cured (14 days).

We have many other projects ongoing and more projects on the list. Hopefully we'll take a break and update you again.