Sunday, April 26, 2015

On to Eleuthera

From Little Harbour to the Eleuthera chain of islands is the Northeast Providence Channel. We headed out early in the morning guessing that we would be motoring or at best motor sailing. It was flat calm with no wind for us as we went out the cut. We knew there were going to be some squalls possible in the area. As we got into the NE Providence Channel the wind picked up and we could track on radar a squall coming up behind us.

Squall approaching

We skirted the squall but took advantage of the accompanying winds and sailed on a broad reach, downwind. We later discussed the day with a couple that left an hour after we did. They got totally drenched in a downpour where we only experienced a few sprinkles. The wind clocked around and we where sailing on a beam reach. As we approached Egg and Royal Islands the wind died again. We anchored in a beautiful, protected harbor at Royal Island.

Royal Island approach

There is a former 1950's estate in ruins on the island. You cannot see much from the water but we landed the dinghy and took stone stairs to explore.