Tuesday, May 7, 2013

As good as anything

"If a man must be obsessed by something, I suppose a boat is as good as anything, perhaps a bit better than most. A small sailing craft is not only beautiful, it is seductive and full of strange promise and the hint of trouble. If it happens to be an auxiliary cruising boat, it is without question the most compact and ingenious arrangement for living ever devised by the restless mind of man--a home that is stable without being stationary, shaped less like a box than like a fish or a girl, and in which the homeowner can remove his daily affairs as far from shore as he has the nerve to take them, close hauled or running free--parlor, bedroom, and bath, suspended and alive."

~E. B. White

Writer, Stuart Little, Charlotte's Web, etc; contributor to New Yorker and Harpers

Lovely Cruise

We had a lovely time in the Abacos.  Here is the sunset from last night at Mangrove Cay.  We learned to salute the sunset using the conch horn.

Creativity along the Way

There are some very creative Bahamians.  Take a look at some of the examples.

Monday, May 6, 2013

"Lookin Mighty Fine"

We've spent a fair amount of time with good friends Jane & Ben on Old Rosie. Old Rosie is a 'character' in the tune Fire Down Below by our ex boat neighbor Bob Seger. So I produced this short clip of Old Rosie for Jane & Ben.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Junkanoo and more!

Here are some pictures from the Island Roots Heritage Festival. Royal Bahamian Defense Force Marching Band, Junkanoo and Maypole Plaiting.  not pictured here is good food, good music and good friends. This was a wonderful way to finish our time here in the Abacos.  USA here we come!

Spouting Off

We are at Green Turtle Cay for the Island Roots Heritage Festival.  Two days of bands, contests, parades, Bahamian cooking, and arts and crafts of the Bahamas. The weather has brought wind and rain with enough clear skies to still enjoy the events.  Early Friday evening as we awaited the next musical act, we spotted a water spout forming and heading right for Black Sound where our boat was moored. We watched as it grew and hit land and turned into a tornado with swirling debris.  We headed to the local church to take cover.  When it was over we headed to the boat.   No damage!  The deck was covered in small bits of debris but the tornado never reached the sound.   Three homes were damaged on shore about 1/4 mile from us and a tree fell on a car.  We are told that tornados are VERY rare here.