Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Water, Water Everywhere...

...And not a drop to drink?  One of the challenges of cruising on a boat is the availability of water.  We fill up our water tanks whenever we stop to buy fuel, but that is not always enough.  In New England there are few marinas and lots of mooring fields.  Each of the towns need to accommodate all the boats on their moorings and have a town dock that provides access to water.  In Newport they have an approximately 25 foot floating dock as a water station.  It is in the middle of the harbor, a water pipe runs underwater and is connected to the float.  Here is Freedom tied to the float getting water. Tieing a 42' boat to a 25' float was interesting. Ed almost stood too far back trying to get these pictures!

More, Please.

Hope you like all the beautiful and classic yachts as much as we do. We couldn't resist, here are some more.  The Nantucket Light Ship in the picture was used to mark the Nantucket shoals, a station established in 1854.    The blue hulled sailboat is HUGE, the others are all classic wood....very meticulously cared for.  Some of them are the 12 meter America's Cup race contenders.