Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sea Turtles

I have been trying to get pictures of Sea Turtles. They usually are very shy. As soon as the camera comes out they dive. Here in George Town there is a "secret" cove where people go to feed the turtles.

They hear the dinghy engine and figure that supper is on.

We had some tortillas with us and got the turtles to come to the boat and eat from our hands.

This dude was hungry.

Up close and personal

Looks like this guy was checking out Eds feet.

A fun time was had by all.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


You can travel from island to island in the Exumas on the "inside" or Exuma Banks. This is the east side of the islands or cays (pronounced keys). To get to the largest Exuma town of George Town you have to go "outside" in the Exuma Sound. This is open ocean and usually the windward side. It is also some great fishing! We headed out of Cave Cay cut and traveled southeast about 30 miles back to Conch Cay cut. Of course you do know which way the wind was blowing? Yes, east, southeast on the nose.

The cuts have heavy current and you need to time your passages to the tide/wind direction. Remember, tide vs wind can make for some heavy and steep seas. We did a great job and had no issues at all. We got out, got our course set, set our mainsail and threw out a couple fishing lures.

Cave Cay Cut

Look at this house overlooking the cut!

We trolled the lures for about an hour, our speed was about 5.5 - 6 knots. We had just noticed a few flying fish jumping when the one fishing pole started screaming and bending almost in half. I slowed the boat and Ed went out to fight the fish.

Fish on!

After about 40 minutes we got him up close to the surface.

He ran a couple more times but we really wanted a fresh Mahi Mahi dinner tonight!

Dinner for the next couple nights.

Dinner is served. Grilled Mahi with kale mashed potatoes.

A great way to start our Memorial Day weekend.