Saturday, April 18, 2015

Eye Candy

Here's some of the sites of Hopetown.

The Abaco Rage is a popular Bahamian sail craft

Anchored out in the Sea of Abaco after a squall passed us.

And of course...

Another beautiful calm night.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Taking Care of Business

Marsh Harbour is a great place to take care of business. They have all sorts of shops, including Maxwells. It is a very large grocery store that would rival a Publix, Giant or Kroger food store. We picked up some fresh veggies and plantains along with other odds and ends. This is also a great place to get BTC (Betelco) sim cards for our Droid phone. We now have very limited phone and data capabilities. We also found a shop to buy a new battery for Eds hard working phone. When we popped it open to put the sim card in we found it in pretty bad shape.

Here is Freedom, anchored in Marsh Harbour

We had to stop at Maxwells to pick up a few items.

No need to stay in Marsh Harbour long. One night and we headed to a great anchorage near Tahitti Beach. We met up with friends Melissa and Anne on Moondance. We had a great lunch at Cracker P's.

No hurry, Mon. You're in the Bahamas. Cracker P's

We did have to head back to our boats. We had a bit of weather on the horizon.

Now we are in Hopetown. Time to get some laundry done.

The view from the porch outside the laundry room.

Not sure what is next on the agenda. I'm sure we will visit the town of Hopetown. From there? We'll see.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Bahamas 2015

We headed to Great Guana Cay from Treasure Cay, home of Nippers. Nippers is a restaurant and bar with spectacular Atlantic Ocean beach views and two swimming pools. Last time we were here for the Barefoot Man concert and the place was packed. This year it was more sedate. We enjoyed a nice lunch and rum drink and took a nice long walk on the beach.

One of the two pools

The ocean view at Nippers

Perfect beach to walk off lunch

We stayed anchored in Fishers Bay off Guana Cay for a few days, including a great rain day. The decks on Freedom have gotten salty from some spirited sailing and the rain was a much needed wash down for us.

Time to move on so we sailed towards Marsh Harbour on Great Abaco. There have been brush fires near Marsh Harbour that we could see and smell. Marsh is THE place for shopping. We'll get our Batelco chip for Eds phone giving us a data card for internet access. We have been able to pick up open wifi hotspots here and there but the card will give us access almost least that is the plan.

Sailing to Marsh Harbour towards the brush fires