Monday, April 3, 2017

Winter Continued...not so cold.

Weather has been outstanding this winter. Yes, some wind storms, some rain, and some cold evenings, but few and far between. No Bahamas for us this year. Too much work for Ed so we stayed in Stuart, Florida catching up with our friends on their way through.

Christmas and Santa's helper.

New Years Eve party with the gang.

One of the tastiest prime rib meals evah! Cooked by Ed on the marina grill...yum.

Superbowl in the great outdoors on the big screen.

An unexpected visit from our good friend Tim.

Saint Patrick's day with our good friends, complete with corned beef and cabbage prepared by Pierre....yum.

Don't think we have just been partying. We've put in some hard work too.

This is our new boom vang!

We replaced our forestay.

Lots of other boat projects as well including a new anchor to come.

Sunsets here are always superb, one of the many reasons we keep doing this.

A panoramic view of the sun setting.

Friday, March 31, 2017

The Long Cold Winter

Last fall we enjoyed our stay in Annapolis. Visiting with friends, exploring one of our favorite cities and attending the boat show.

Everyone flocks to the boat show.

We took our time heading south down the Chesapeake Bay, through Maryland and Virginia. Ed had to attend the Fort Lauderdale boat show for work so we parked in New Bern, NC for a few weeks. We had a spate of very cold evenings while there but things warmed up for us as we headed south again. We needed to get south for two reasons. We had a surprise party to go to in Texas and wanted to stay warm.

We headed out the Beaufort, NC inlet with pefect weather! We made it all the way to Fernandina Beach, Fl where we took on additional fuel and headed back out to round Cape Canaveral. We actually talked (on the VHF radio) with our Detroit dock neighbors Jeff and Mary off the coast of Canaveral. They were sailing with thier much faster boat, passed us and headed to Fort Lauderdale as we headed to Stuart. It's a small world!

Our timing was great. Nice and toasty warm in Stuart and plenty of time to rent a car and sneak into Texas to surprise our nephew for his birthday!

Family...see the resemblance?

A fun time was had by all.

It was really great to spend time with family!

It got really cold while in Texas so it was time to head back south. One last side trip, we stopped for lunch in New Orleans. I had never been to this unique city. Gumbo, etoufe and po boys, oh my.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sheepscot River

Slowly making our way south, still loving Maine. We are anchored just off the Sheepscot River, nestled safely between islands. We've moved a few times as the wind direction changes and are currently in Loves Cove, how romantic. Lots of great gunkholing (taking the dinghy to see the sights).

We anchored off Indiantown Island. The northern section is part of the Boothbay Region Land Trust. There is a great dinghy dock and a mile long hiking trail that loops around the north part of the island.

You can see where Freedom is anchored.

A beautiful wooded trail.

A long 6 mile dinghy ride took us up through Cross River and the Oven Mouth. This area was purported to hide Revolutionary war ships from the British forces.

Finally we headed down the Black River. There are a collection of small islands that are quintessential old time Maine.

This is a manually operated swing bridge.

The other side of the bridge is the Trevett County Post Office and General Store.

Lobsters and lobster rolls for sale here.

See the blue lobsters?

Also the Mill Cove Lobster operations.

We are enjoying this comfortable, cool weather while keeping our eye on all the tropical storms brewing down south.


Some of the great videos happen because of the drone.

Here is the drone master at work

I try to keep an eye on the drone so we don't crash into anything. Can you see it?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Little Cat Feet

Still one of my favorite poems and so true here in Maine.

The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

Carl Sandburg

And a Fog-bow (fog rainbow)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Freedom in Somes Sound

Click the link below for a video of us anchored in Somes Sound, Maine.


We headed downeast to Mistake Island. Lots of lobster pots to dodge, in fact so many that it was not as enjoyable a sail as we expected. It should have been a nice downwind sail with our code zero sail and our whisker pole. It was for a short while but we ended up turning the engine on and motor sailing with the mainsail only. We needed the extra power to slalom our way through the traps. Seas really picked up as we got close to Moose Peak lighthouse but we rocked and rolled our way into the cut and headed for our planned anchorage behind Mistake and next to Knight islands. Talk about lobster pots, wow! There were already 4 boats anchored in the area with a ton of lobster pots. Yes, this plan was a mistake but never fear we found a great, well protected spot right off Mud Hole in Wass Island. The next day we dinghied over to Mistake Island.

The cut to come into the Mistake, Knight and Wass Islands

The Moose Peak lighthouse

The trail leading to the lighthouse

Beautiful rocky shore

We picked wild blueberries, blackberries and raspberries for our breakfast granola

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Maine Fun

We love Maine, partly because of the great cool evenings....great sleeping weather. We've enjoyed the seafood, the beautiful sailing ships, the camaraderie and the wildlife.

The sunrises are spectacular!

Nice sunsets too!

Yummy lobster.

These Friendship Sloops were racing in Rockland Harbor while we were there.

The Seven Seas Cruising Asociation(SSCA) held their Downeast Gam here in Rockland (no one knows what gam means. Maybe greet and meet?) We attended as members although all are welcome. They had potlucks and special guest speakers. About 40 boats in the harbor for the event and 100 people at the event. Fun was had by all.

SSCA dinghy raft-up. Byob and bring a dish to pass.

Now we are anchored in a beautiful anchorage with a few other boats and wildlife. We hear the call of the Loons at night.

Just love all the seals!

Who me?

Very serene.