Saturday, June 27, 2015

15 Ponies!

We've been contemplating a new engine for the dink. The current 9.8hp works OK but struggles a little to get up and go. For long distances to good fishing and snorkeling, that's not good. The budget has been doing quite well while here in the Bahamas so we decided to do the upgrade. 2 stroke outboards are much lighter than 4 strokes so they are very popular for small dinghies. But they are not available in the US so buying in the Bahamas is the best option. Turns out the 15 hp Yamaha is extremely popular and I kept missing out when more arrived. I was gun-shy about making a 50% deposit. After 3 misses, I had given up. But I received an e-mail that someone had cancelled their order! I pounced on this last chance opportunity and made the deposit. That meant we must go to Nassau to pick it up. Oh no! Nassau? They have a huge crime problem, everybody says stay away! Hmmm, sounds like Deee-troit! No problem mon. So off to Nassau it is.

Here is the beauty...

We spent 2 days at a marina, Nassau Harbour Club, tied up next to a dive charter boat. 22 high school kids on a 60' boat for a week! Kids on adventure!

It's just like Detroit here...

Got in some good grocery shopping for our last 10 days before heading back to Florida. Can't wait to take the dink on a long ride.