Friday, February 28, 2014

I Saw A Glimpse Of The Future

I watched a rather poignant episode of life today. Next to us in the marina is an old beaten 70's vintage Cris Craft 38. Al, the owner, has been coming down to sit aboard for an hour or two almost every day. He told me stories of how he cruised it all over the Chesapeake Bay and down to Florida and the Bahamas for the past 30 years.
He'd been trying to sell it with no luck, so today he gave it away. A marina will strip out the engines and scrap the boat.
While it was getting towed away I was chatting with Al on the dock. A big line of tears began to flow down his cheek. This wasn't just saying good bye to a boat, it was saying good bye to a life on the water.
Eventually I suspect we will be in Al's shoes too. Can't stop the march of time. We're working as hard as we can in building up something to eventually cry over.