Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sheepscot River

Slowly making our way south, still loving Maine. We are anchored just off the Sheepscot River, nestled safely between islands. We've moved a few times as the wind direction changes and are currently in Loves Cove, how romantic. Lots of great gunkholing (taking the dinghy to see the sights).

We anchored off Indiantown Island. The northern section is part of the Boothbay Region Land Trust. There is a great dinghy dock and a mile long hiking trail that loops around the north part of the island.

You can see where Freedom is anchored.

A beautiful wooded trail.

A long 6 mile dinghy ride took us up through Cross River and the Oven Mouth. This area was purported to hide Revolutionary war ships from the British forces.

Finally we headed down the Black River. There are a collection of small islands that are quintessential old time Maine.

This is a manually operated swing bridge.

The other side of the bridge is the Trevett County Post Office and General Store.

Lobsters and lobster rolls for sale here.

See the blue lobsters?

Also the Mill Cove Lobster operations.

We are enjoying this comfortable, cool weather while keeping our eye on all the tropical storms brewing down south.


Some of the great videos happen because of the drone.

Here is the drone master at work

I try to keep an eye on the drone so we don't crash into anything. Can you see it?