Friday, August 28, 2015

Cumberland Island, Georgia

Cumberland Island is the southernmost barrier island in Georgia. The island is a national park with 36,000 acres of forest, beaches, freshwater lakes, and saltwater marshes.

This year they have sheltered 582 sea turtle nests.

Sea Turtles are endangered. Each nest has about 100 eggs. Survival rate of turtle babies are 1 in five!

The island has beautiful live oak trees and abundant wildlife including wild horses. In the 1800s the Carnegies had a number of mansions on the island.

This Carnegie mansion is in ruins on the island.

We spent a number of days anchored here to explore the island while studying the Hurricane Erika forcasts. This hurricane has had some of the most convoluted forcasting. We had many plans set and then changed and set again.

We took our bikes and rode during the cooler mornings.

Boardwalks take you over the dunes and salt marshes towards the beach

Foliage around the beaches