Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It's a Hard Knock Life

We are taking our time heading south this year. The weather has been great. We had one REALLY cold night otherwise it has been very mild. We took the Dismal Swamp route again....lots of thumps to the keel (our hard knocks) but always a beautiful, scenic route with the nicest people along the route.

Looking back at our route along the swamp.

The water is colored by the peat underground and makes a foamy tea when agitated.

Besides the very narrow channel, there are 3 bridges that need to open and two locks.

The narrow channel is made narrower yet. This pic might help explain the hard knocks....logs and limbs lying on the bottom.

South Mills bridge opening for us and the power boat in front of us.

Tieing to the lock and heading down. There is a lock tender both human and dog!

The human tender.

The dog tender.

Some great swampy sights.

At the end of it all is Elizabeth City.

They have a happy hour for cruisers every weekday. The Mayor talks about all that is available for cruisers in his fair city. Wine, beer, cheese and the slips are free. They even provide a rose for the ladies.

We enjoyed a Homecoming parade that passed by our slips and a great night at the local Cypress Creek restaurant.

A great way to travel even with all the hard knocks!