Saturday, March 22, 2014

Windless in Fort Pierce

Our three months in Fort Pierce has flown by. It's a great marina with a fabulous community of boaters. The farmers market is one of the best! Lots of wildlife here; fish, manatee, owls and waterfowl. I can't tell you how many times we ran to check if there was a man overboard because of the loud splashing from the fish or pelicans.....there are some BIG fish in the water here. We reconnected with some old friends and met some new ones too! It has been a fabulous time with great sunny, warm weather.

Our dock at the marina

Farmers Market

Circling Fishes


Friends coming to visit

This is the longest time that Freedom has not moved since we started our cruising adventure. We have been without our anchor windless and our mainsail since January.

Lots of projects done! Here is our anchor windless before.

Here it is after! We had it serviced and then Ed painted it.

This is how it was re-installed!

We have a number of items undone. We are headed south to Stuart, FL to have a company finish replacing the bearings in our mainsail furler, to pick up our re-cut mainsail and replace some stainless steel items including our chainplates.....just hardware that keeps our mast nothing important.