Sunday, August 24, 2014

Take a Hike

Here on Mt. Desert Island is Acadia National Park. What a beautiful place. We spent weeks, most of it anchored in Somes Harbor, exploring the island and the park. The great thing for cruisers is the free bus system that takes you almost anywhere you want to go . We spent some time in the cities, Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor, Northeast Harbor and Bass Harbor.

The view of S/V Freedom at anchor from the bus stop

Southwest Harbor

The Bass Harbor lighthouse

This was a great place to run some errands. Here is Ed getting our propane tank refilled.

The true draw of this area are the incredible hiking trails. They can be fairly easy like this one.

Or more difficult like this

The views are well worth the hike

The anchorage had its draw as well.

This rainstorm never reached us. It ended over the mountains but gave us this great rainbow.

This seal did a little balancing act on top of a rock for us.

This is a wonderful place and we look forward to coming back here again some day.