Friday, April 10, 2015

Ahhhhh !!!!

Yes! We are on the move again, doing what our boat was meant to do.....sail (and motor). We stayed at a new for us anchorage in Florida at Peck Lake to get a taste of beach walking to come.

Peck Lake beach

From there we headed to Lake Worth in Palm Beach to make one last provisioning run and to fuel and water up. We headed out at in the dark through the wide, well lit Lake Worth Inlet. There was a gorgeous full moon behind us and we saw the partial eclipse after sunrise! We motor sailed in light winds. The Atlantic Ocean in that area is over 2,500 feet in some areas...deep. You know when you get to the Little Bahama Bank, the depth shoots up from 800 to 50 feet in less than a quarter mile. We began to see the bottom in 50 feet. Most af the bank is about 12 feet. We motor sailed to Great Sale Cay in the dark with a full moon escort. It was an outstanding, sparkly night.

Checked in with customs at Green Turtle Cay

One of our favorite stops is Treasure Cay, it is truly the most beautiful beach. Miles of white sand and crystal clear water.

No pictures but we have been sailing! We had a spirited up wind beat fromTreasure Cay to Great Guana Cay yesterday. We are getting pretty good at this sailing thing. It wasn't a race but we did sail faster than all the boats around us!

We are heading to the Exhumas but are taking some time to do some research for an article that Ed is Writing on the top 10 beach bars in the Abacos. It's a tough life!

Normally you can follow us on spot tracker, there is a link on the top right of this blog. It seems to have bit the dust after 3 1/2 years of cruising. We'll decide if we want to replace it when we get back to the states. Let us know what you think. Do you miss it? Please let us know.