Thursday, October 3, 2013

All American Breakfast

We were invited to breakfast by new cruising friends Craig and Carol. They just started this summer. "Chick and Ruth's" is a local fixture in downtown Annapolis.

Big portions of great food. But this place is better known for leading everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance twice each morning! Everyone stands and faces the flag. Hats off for the men. And loudly, everyone recites the pledge (including "under God").
No, they aren't pledging to the TV in the picture! The flag is in the front room.

This was the Wednesday morning cruiser gathering. Well, actually a CLOD meet. CLOD? Cruisers Living On Dirt. The acronym applied to former cruisers who moved back to land and became "Dirt Dwellers". Lots of cruisers move to Annapolis to sell their boat and then stay here to live. Not a bad choice. We expect this choice to be a LONG way off. But it made for a nice morning of socializing.

We're getting a few projects done, enjoying Annapolis and awaiting the Sailboat show. I have a few days of work there. We'll spend all my hard earned money in the Pussers bar. If there's any left, we'll spend that and more at the show. There's a law that says sailors aren't supposed to have any money so we need to keep legal.