Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Storms

One of the issues we face traveling north are storms.  We try to avoid moving during  storms.  This can be difficult because the forecasters are quite often wrong.  We have sat out days that ended being crystal clear and traveled on days that are stormy.  It all ends up ok, we even see some rainbows!  Tomorrow we will go searching for a pot of gold.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hot, hot, hot!

It is so hot out  and  there is no wind for sailing.  What do we do?  We take the dinghy for a ride to a beach for a swim.  The speed of the dinghy creates a breeze and a swim really cools us off. 

Goin in Circles!

If you've looked at our spot tracker for yesterday & today, you'll see a lot of circling round.
Yesterday it was wind predictions. We thought we'd have favorable winds to head NE up Long Island Sound. We got out into the sound and the wind and waves were right on the nose. We decided to turn around and go back into Port Jefferson and wait for better conditions. We're in no hurry.
Today, we pulled anchor just in time to see the large tanker at the dock getting underway. The current was running fairly strong against us through the inlet, so I chickened out and turned around; circling around in the harbor waiting for the 2 tugs and the tanker to go through the relatively narrow inlet. Discretion and valor and all that.
We're now out on the sound headed NE and the wind that was blowing nicely near shore has vanished. Oh well, it's nice and sunny, calm and the oppressive heat has left us for low 80's temps.