Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Getting our Bearings

So we moved down the coast to Stuart, FL but the work continues!

We had our mainsail furler removed to replace the bearings. We also replaced the bearings in our wind generator.

Here is the elaborate setup to keep from dropping important parts into the deep.

Chainplates are big beefy hunks of stainless steel that run through the deck. The standing rigging that holds the mast in place are attached to them. Ours did not look to be in poor condition, but they are old. Stainless steel chainplates tend to have cracks hidden at the deck level and ours had a line of rust at that level. A little preventive maintenance is in order. We removed one, had a new one made, reinstalled it and then did the same to the other. We also had our dinghy davits lengthened by a foot. Every time we raised and lowered the dinghy on the davits it would catch on the stern ladder...a wresting match ensued. Mack Sails has done all this work, furler maintenance, chainplates, and davits. They are headquartered in Stuart and we are very happy with the quality of their work.

The old chainplate, complete with yucky rust.

Ooooh look how it shines. The new chainplate.

We do like it here in Stuart! Lots to do, lots of friends, and a nice little town to enjoy.

A feathered friend.

Love the sailfish fountain.

Love the vegetation.

You can walk to town a few ways. You can go one way and walk over the railroad tracks, or the other and walk under!

The walkway UNDER the train.

Hope to wrap things up this week and get north. It's getting hot here....89 degrees today.