Monday, April 3, 2017

Winter Continued...not so cold.

Weather has been outstanding this winter. Yes, some wind storms, some rain, and some cold evenings, but few and far between. No Bahamas for us this year. Too much work for Ed so we stayed in Stuart, Florida catching up with our friends on their way through.

Christmas and Santa's helper.

New Years Eve party with the gang.

One of the tastiest prime rib meals evah! Cooked by Ed on the marina grill...yum.

Superbowl in the great outdoors on the big screen.

An unexpected visit from our good friend Tim.

Saint Patrick's day with our good friends, complete with corned beef and cabbage prepared by Pierre....yum.

Don't think we have just been partying. We've put in some hard work too.

This is our new boom vang!

We replaced our forestay.

Lots of other boat projects as well including a new anchor to come.

Sunsets here are always superb, one of the many reasons we keep doing this.

A panoramic view of the sun setting.