Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We've been in Stuart over a month now. Nice place to stop. We've met up with many friends, got more projects done on the boat, visited the town, and produced some videos for a local company. This past weekend, we rented a car and did a supermarket sweep. Spent almost $1000 on tons of stuff to take with us to the Bahamas. I keep finding more places to pack stuff but somethings just can't hide:

We're trying to keep the V berth usable for guests. We fill it up and then clean it out as best we can.

Here's one of the videos I produced for Mack Sails:

We should get out of here by the weekend. Last minute chores need wrapping up, including laundry, more groceries and boat washing. We'll head down to the Palm Beach area and will wait there for good weather to cross the Gulf Stream. You don't venture into the stream with north winds blowing and they are quite common in winter. So we might sit for a week or more waiting. Hard to say how it will go.