Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Resort from the Storm

Sooooo, another possible tropical storm was predicted. There was 30 % chance of it forming and hitting the southern/central Bahamas. We had a few choices. We could take a mooring in the George Town area and be protected from winds from all directions. This would also sheild us from the wind and be stifling.....very hot and buggy. We could just play the odds and go on with our plans that would leave us in an area with little protection from west winds. Our choice was to go to Emerald Bay Marina. This is a Sandles resort that has some very reasonably priced dockage. We had no electric or water hook ups but it was just slightly higher priced than a mooring ball.

Freedom at the "cheap" docks right behind a 75' power boat.

We felt well protected from winds in all directions and had access to a great, air conditioned club house. We had free laundry and trash disposal too.

Some of the big yachts that stay here.

We met some great people and had dinner out at a couple restaurants. This was the view from the restaurant at a nearby resort.

It wasn't all fun and games. We had a fresh water leak that needed attention.

We did have one really nasty squall come through, lots and lots of rain and tons of flies. It was really warm so we spent a lot of our time in the air conditioning. As it turns out we might not have needed the protection but it was a nice change of pace.