Saturday, May 7, 2016

At Last!!

At last we are moving again! We are headed north to get out of the Florida heat. We took a quick trip to Fort Pierce to stage for our long trip on the outside. We were fortunate to meet with our friend, Tim. He is on a sailboat heading south so was able to have a quick dinner with us ashore in Fort Pierce. We made it an early night because we were heading offshore in the morning. We'll go as long as we can till weather or fuel runs out.

It is nice to have our new Code 0 sail pictured below for the light winds. We sailed into the evening hours on the first night.

Had a great sunrise too.

This was our longest trip in the ocean so far. Because we were able to sail enough we could do a 3 day, 2 night trip! It really was beautiful and we enjoyed every minute. One night, while Ed was just coming on watch, he heard a clatter at the back of the boat. It was a flying fish that had landed on deck. Ed picked him up and threw him back into the sea. Hopefully it was soon enough that he survived his ordeal. On my final watch, just after sunrise, I looked at the side deck to find another flying fish...not so lucky this time.

As it turns out we ran out of both good weather and fuel around Beaufort, SC. A beautiful southern town to visit with the added benefit. Our transplanted neighbors from our Beverly Hills, MI neighborhood live in the area now. We had a great visit with Nancy, Paul and Andrea. The weather really turned here. Big winds and storms kept us here for almost a full week.