Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Little Harbour, Abacos

Little Harbour is famous, it is home to Petes Pub and the Johnson gallery. We did a blog post about the gallery and it's history the last time we were here. If you are interested...look back at the archives, winter of 2013. The harbor is very well protected from wind and ocean surge and there are not many well protected anchorages in the area. We must go into the harbor at high tide because the entrance channel is only 4 ' at low tide.

We anchored off Blackpoint Cay the night before to wait for high tide to go into Little Harbour.

Rain squalls stayed north of us while anchored by Blackpoint

We even got a nice rainbow

And another great Bahamas sunset

The famous Petes Pub. It has a roof, no walls, sand floor and is run 100% from solar power. They collect rain water, exclusively. A true beach bar.

Here is Freedom on her mooring. Looking out from Petes.

The posts holding the roof and the sides of the bar are covered in graffiti. We added ours.

Next stop..Eleuthra Island...new grounds for us.