Friday, March 31, 2017

The Long Cold Winter

Last fall we enjoyed our stay in Annapolis. Visiting with friends, exploring one of our favorite cities and attending the boat show.

Everyone flocks to the boat show.

We took our time heading south down the Chesapeake Bay, through Maryland and Virginia. Ed had to attend the Fort Lauderdale boat show for work so we parked in New Bern, NC for a few weeks. We had a spate of very cold evenings while there but things warmed up for us as we headed south again. We needed to get south for two reasons. We had a surprise party to go to in Texas and wanted to stay warm.

We headed out the Beaufort, NC inlet with pefect weather! We made it all the way to Fernandina Beach, Fl where we took on additional fuel and headed back out to round Cape Canaveral. We actually talked (on the VHF radio) with our Detroit dock neighbors Jeff and Mary off the coast of Canaveral. They were sailing with thier much faster boat, passed us and headed to Fort Lauderdale as we headed to Stuart. It's a small world!

Our timing was great. Nice and toasty warm in Stuart and plenty of time to rent a car and sneak into Texas to surprise our nephew for his birthday!

Family...see the resemblance?

A fun time was had by all.

It was really great to spend time with family!

It got really cold while in Texas so it was time to head back south. One last side trip, we stopped for lunch in New Orleans. I had never been to this unique city. Gumbo, etoufe and po boys, oh my.

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