Monday, September 26, 2011

Thoughts on our overnight sail, from Chris

We have been weighing our need to get south, to warmer areas with our desire to enjoy the sights of beautiful northern Michigan. Warmth won out! Marinas, gas docks have been closed and water shut off. This was our sure sign that we needed to get moving. 24 hour sailing can be taxing but I tend to be a night owl so I took the 2:00 to 6:00 am shift. Yes, I missed the sunset and the sunrise, but oh those night skies are mesmerizing! This overnight trip was not sailing, the wind was on the nose so we had to motor. There was a thunder storm off to the southwest. I could see it in the distance but it was not going to effect us. Looking straight up, it was clear, there was a small crescent moon and stars galore. Living near a city makes you wonder how constellations get their names, out on the lake it is clear why the were named; Big Dipper, Orions Belt, etc. This is only the third overnight we have done, but I really enjoy it. I am looking forward to overnight sailing when I don't have to bundle up in layers!


  1. I don't know how it feels under sail, but I do know what it's like at night. It can be 15-20 foot seas off of San Francisco as dark as hell, it can flat like glass with the moon reflecting off it in the Persian Gulf.

    Does Ed make the coffee for you. I know I'd need it.

  2. Jeff, he should, but I made my own coffee! I had a small thermos of it.