Monday, October 24, 2011

Land Ho!!

Yet another interesting situation. We decided to anchor in Dry Creek on Picwick Lake today. The Army Corps of Engineers chart shows plenty of depth. As we approach the area, I'm also checking my Garmin chart plotter. Dry Creek isn't there! We keep going in with around 20' of depth. Soon, according to the chart plotter, we're on dry land! We dropped anchor in 12' of water in a VERY nice cove, just as the Army charts show. I would have expected Garmin to make their charts based on the Army charts. Who knows. Here is a shot of the chart plotter. The red line is our track:

Garmin, what's up with that?

We'll be staying here a few days. Hi Tuesday is reported to be 80 degrees!


  1. Ed & Chris,

    I wish it were going to be 80 degrees here in Detroit! Those days are definitely gone for this year. No matter.

    Debbie and I had the same issue with our Garmin Chartplotter when we sailed up to Tobermory a couple of years back. The Garmin plotter actually showed our boat 'docked inside the land mass area'. A little unnerving to say the least.

    Good thing we make it a habit of having the correct paper charts on-hand whenever we leave our home waters.

    When do you think Y'all will make New Orleans?


    James & Debbie

    P.S. We're OFFICIALLY on the hard for the year. Good thing, because the seawater pump broke (impeller) right next to the boat crane. ;^)

  2. Sure great, give more fuel to Val and the others that say you should only be using a sextant. Not that unusual. Everytime I cut the corner in our channel entrance, the plotter shows me driving over the ground.