Monday, November 7, 2011

Goin' Mobile!!!

We couldn't resist the lure of salt! And our boat really missed its mast. So we got a good start this morning and pushed on down the last of the river, into Mobile harbor and out into Mobile Bay. The harbor is a narrow fairway lined with ocean going ships, tugs and barges. I love heavy metal! The bay was wide open water, the first we've seen since Lake Michigan. There were waves, real waves! Not just wake from passing boats.
Because we pushed on faster than we had planned, I got caught not updating our towing policy till this morning. Boat US is the AAA for boaters. The annual premium for inland waters is quite low but they charge extra for coastal coverage. Towing is NOT cheap. So this is a good deal even with the higher coastal premium. But the update can't take effect till midnight after signing on!!! Everyone we talked to about the approach to the marina said Do Not Leave The Channel! The channel has 8' of water and out of the channel it gets as low as 2'. We draw 5' 6". I just knew we'd run aground and get stuck with no towing coverage for this one day. But that was just one more nightmare that did not come to fruition. Me worried? Naah. (Chris, not a word!).
Even this morning it was quite chilly, low was around 40d on the river. But the gulf water is 77d and wow that makes a big difference. Shorts & T-shirt weather!!

I've contracted with the marina to produce a marketing video for them. We'll be hangin around here for 10 days to 2 weeks. We'll get used to it!
We've gone Mobile!


  1. Congratulations! That was quite an adventure to begin your adventure. I love how you didn't let a little thing like your entire route to the ocean being blocked by a hurricane stop you.

    Be sure and post a series of pictures of the mast being stepped. Bet you'll be glad to be all together again.

  2. Congratulations on making it down to sunny mobile safely. After a day of snow showers here I wish I could be there now as the weather is in the 30's here. Regards from Nancy and the Arlington gang. Been following your weekly progress. Any plans to check out the Bahamas or other points south?