Sunday, February 5, 2012


One of the million and one projects I haven't addressed yet is a light for the dingy, required for night travel. We planned on going ashore to watch the superbowl and that means heading back to the boat in the dark. What to do?? Improvise, McGiver style. Or as Chris observed, Classic Rube Goldberg.

Yes, that is a dixie cup and, of course, duct tape.

Posted by Ed aboard S/V Freedom


  1. Solar yard lights work well, too (for a more permanent solution) -- and you can usually get them for $2 or $3! Just leave it attached it's charged whenever you want it.

  2. Carolyn
    the solar yard lights I've seen aren't very bright. Have you seen differently?

    1. For the first year or two, they're usually pretty bright -- we can see ones in a neighbor's yard that's not quite a half mile away. They do tend to "fade" over time.

      In the Sea of Cortez and El Salvador, lots of cruisers put them on their stanchions so that the local fishing boats will see them before it's too late -- the fishermen aren't used to looking up for a mast head light.

      Then cruisers who didn't have lights on their dinghies got the idea of using the solar lights there, too. Admittedly not as bright as "real" lights but still fairly visible. I'm not sure if they'd meet CG or state law requirements in the US.