Monday, February 20, 2012

More high life

I mentioned earlier we had more friends to meet in Ft. Myers. We first met Gary & Lori in a VERY cold Mackinaw City back in September. Ft. Myers is where they winter. Gary tells me they all get together for $1 taco Tuesday at Yo Taco. Sure I say, sounds great. Its sneak your own booze in and cheap but good eats. We'll see ya there.

Ooooops, Tuesday is the 14th! Valentines day. Our anniversary. Our SILVER anniversary. Holy Crap! I offered to Chris, at least a half dozen times, to change the venue. I swear! She insisted $1 taco night would be just fine! Should I send her to the shrink?

We also talked Ray & Cynde into meeting us there. They were the owners of the sailing charter we took to evaluate going with sail instead of power. They are very proud to have played an important role in our decision to sail. It was great to see them again since our epic sail in 2006.

So our silver wedding anniversary was truly unique. We've done the uber deluxe dining experience, stayed at 5 star resorts all that stuff. This one will be much more memorable!

We're livin large!

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