Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time out

We're back! On the boat that is. I picked up a 6 day job in Detroit while we were in Florida. We scooted north as fast as we could and made it to Oriental NC where we tied up the boat at River Dunes marina. It is a very secure place and as it turns out that was a good thing! We rented a car and drove to Detroit. Got to visit many family and friends. Thank you all for seeing us, hosting us, visiting us. Apologies to those we missed. I posted on facebook that we were arriving in Detroit. Another client of mine saw that and contacted me for a second job. Thanks facebook!! Always good to make a few extra bucks doing something I love. While away, not one but two tropical storms hit the marina. No problem! Boat is just fine. Glad I tied Freedom up extra well and secured everything. We got back after almost 3 weeks away. Took us a few days to get back into the swing of things. Tackled a few projects and now we're ready to get underway again. We'll cast off Thursday early morning heading north. Hope to get to Norfolk on Monday. A large group of tall ships will be sailing from Norfolk to Baltimore on Tuesday. We'll try to keep up with them as long as possible. Spot tracker will be on in the morning...

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