Saturday, March 2, 2013

Moon over Marsh Harbor

We enjoyed our stay in Marsh Harbor.  The full moon was spectacular,  even at sunrise, as you can see in the photo.  We finally got a chance to try the famous Bahamian coconut bread from Da Bes Yet  bakery....yum.  Also, a first for us, Rake n Scrape band with Brown Tip.  He cleans boat bottoms by day and entertains by night. Rake n Scrape is music with a saw and a grater. Wish I had his energy!  This little lizard joined us at the bar for happy hour.  We are now at Treasure Cay awaiting the Bahamian sunshine....its cold (61 degrees) and cloudy.

By the way, an update,  the Captain has fixed our generator and outboard dinghy engine (knock on wood). Great job, Bud jr.!

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