Sunday, April 28, 2013

No Name Cay, Home of the Swimming Swine

This small island is uninhibited by humans but it does have a small population of wild pigs.  We saw four of them, one male and three female.   The locals leave buckets to collect rain water so that they have fresh water to drink, one of the pigs biggest concerns.  Food for the pigs is not as big a problem as they are fed by tourists and locals.  Do you think someone is training the big male to sit?  The picture below shows another cruiser feeding the male....he looks like a cute little pet in the picture.  In reality he is a little scary.  BIG teeth and he is very pushy and makes some scary sounding grunts.  The females all look skinny compared to him.  We fed them apples and lettuce scraps.  They liked the apples and would eat right out of my hand. 

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