Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spouting Off

We are at Green Turtle Cay for the Island Roots Heritage Festival.  Two days of bands, contests, parades, Bahamian cooking, and arts and crafts of the Bahamas. The weather has brought wind and rain with enough clear skies to still enjoy the events.  Early Friday evening as we awaited the next musical act, we spotted a water spout forming and heading right for Black Sound where our boat was moored. We watched as it grew and hit land and turned into a tornado with swirling debris.  We headed to the local church to take cover.  When it was over we headed to the boat.   No damage!  The deck was covered in small bits of debris but the tornado never reached the sound.   Three homes were damaged on shore about 1/4 mile from us and a tree fell on a car.  We are told that tornados are VERY rare here.


  1. Never even saw a spout in 5 winters there...WOW!
    Glad all is well...Cam

  2. Reports are that there have been no tornadoes in 35+ years here at Green Turtle. Must be my magnetism.