Friday, July 11, 2014

An Adventure For All Ages

We're sitting at anchor in Cape May harbor waiting to depart to New England very early in the morning.
I hear a knock on the hull and go on deck to see what's up but I don't see anything. Then the guy in the boat next to us hollers to me and points to the waterline.

I look over the side and there is his buddy on a paddleboard holding onto my stern. He paddled over to ask a question about the local waters.
So these two young guys are sailing from Quebec to Florida on a 26' sailboat with only paddleboards to get ashore. The current was ripping quite strong and he was tired! So we chatted a few minutes while he caught his breath before paddling back.
Good to see them tackling this adventure any way they can.
We met 2 young girls on a similar sized boat while in Oriental. I wonder if they crossed paths?

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