Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Maine Fog

The fog comes 
on little cat feet. 

It sits looking 
over harbor and city 
on silent haunches 
and then moves on.

Carl Sandburg

Fog greeted us as the Maine coast came into sight.

We've had patchy fog throughout our trip. Today's fog is one of the thickest yet. You can barely see the dock in the background less than 100 feet away.

In the background of this photo is a 100+ foot ferry boat. His fog horn is blowing, you can hear his engine but for the longest time you could not see him. The fog cleared (a little) for me to snap this pick.

Watching for lobster pots can be a challenge.

Sometimes the fog can be really beautiful.

This bridge over the Eggemoggin Reach was completely obscured by fog. By the time I grabbed the camera it was gone. It had moved on.

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