Saturday, March 21, 2015

More Solar!

Our pair of Kyocera 140 watt solar panels do a pretty good job.

But we've still needed to supplement with the generator...until now.

I added a pair of Renogy 100 watt semi-flexible panels.

I chose the semiflex panels because they are so much thinner than the glass panels. I attached them to 3/8" Celtex PVC sheets that I finished off with PVC edge trim.

These are "flip-out" panels that are mounted to PVC pipe riding on the lifelines.

When deployed, they are propped up with a stainless steel prop rod and Bimini hardware.

When we go to a dock, they can be flipped down and tucked inside the toe rail. I also made a cover of 1/4" Celtex with the PVC trim that velcro's over the panels to protect them from protruding items on dock pilings.

I also added a second Blue Sky charge controller for these two panels.

With these additional panels, we have not come close to needing the generator; even when running my power hog video editing computer system.

We're totally power self sufficient with 480 watts of solar. Seriously thinking of selling the wind generator!


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    1. Thanks, Jeff. Its great to have all the power we need! :)