Tuesday, June 2, 2015

George Town

It looks like George Town is as far south as we will go this year. George Town is a large settlement with lots of businesses and services. The settlement is on Great Exuma Island. Accross Elizabeth Harbour is Stocking Island. Stocking also has a number of businesses and attractions for cruisers.

The Chat N Chill is a beach bar on Stocking. It has a long beach and volleyball court.

There are rays that will swim to you expecting to be fed scraps from the conch bar. We fed it and petted it!

You can take a trail accross to the ocean beach.

We had a BBQ on Hamburger Beach with others for Memorial Day.

This is Salty, he had fun too!

George Town had a horrible fire about a month or two ago and the Straw Market burned to the ground. Thanks to donations from the nearby Sandles resort the crafts people have this new tent set up.

Lots to do here with lots of other cruisers. We have enjoyed being here with about 50 other boats. In winter at high season there are 300 - 400 boats!

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