Sunday, September 18, 2011

Free is GOOD!

We pulled up stakes in Harrisville at 7:30am, headed for Presque Isle harbor. We needed to head east out of the harbor to find deep water. That was into steep 6' seas. We finally turned north and set sails. Under reefed main & reefed jib we easily made 6+ knots. The rolling beam seas were not too uncomfortable because the sails keep us from rolling. A slow moving power boat would have become a vomitorium.

When we rounded the corner at Alpena/Thunder Bay we were sloshing around from following seas and wind on the stern. So we fired up the motor & made tracks west. Kept the main up to steady the ride. The fish nets are heavy in this area. We had to keep a sharp lookout for the small flags and try to avoid them.

We planned on anchoring in Presque Isle harbor for one or two nights. But the bottom is weed covered and we couldn't get a bite. The fact that the wind was gusting well over 20 didn't help. Discretion and valor and all that meant it was time to take a dock for the night. We kept calling in to the harbor master with no answer. I'd heard it is very shallow on approach and wanted info. No response. So in we went. With the cross wind blowing 20+ we managed fine at docking. We had our choice as the marina is almost empty. Then we found out why...they are closed for the season! Another cruiser stopped by to help take a line and gave us the news. Water is shut off but the power is on!! Yea; free dockage AND free heat!

Rain in the forecast so we'll likely stay put Monday.

Still trying to upload video. Need a faster wifi connection. Or I'll start to use FTP for file uploads.


  1. It was a great day SAILING! A little rolly but always nice when you can turn the engines off.

  2. Looks like you guys are making pretty good time today. As far as I can tell on "Spot". I'm thinking you guys are going to push it to Duncan Bay in Cheboygan.