Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ever Onward

The siphon loop was an easy fix. The hardware store had just what we needed so I bought a replacement &  2 spares. We still had time to visit the Saturday morning street market. Bought some fresh goodies for the pantry and then headed out for Harrisville. Since we want to make good time, we motored the whole way. There was no wind in the AM. We could have sailed the last few hours but we wanted to get in early and get settled for the evening.

Fried up a few burgers on the cast iron skillet. We'll be keeping warm this evening with fresh hot cider and cinnamon and Pandora on the stereo.

I finished editing the latest video last night but the slow internet connection at Port Austin prevented my uploading it. I'll upload this evening. Hope you like it. Your comments would be appreciated.  And feel free to send a link to this blog to anyone you think might be interested


  1. I had to get a Google email account to post comments. To follow all you need was a yahoo account.

  2. I see you guys left Harrisville 0730 this morning. Where are you guys shooting for? Rogers City?

  3. Looks like you're heading for Presque Isle Harbor. Are you guys under sail?