Friday, September 16, 2011

I told ya

Yesterday I said we have no schedule...we're sticking to it. Decided to pull up stakes at Harbor Beach and head for Port Austin. It will get into the 30's tonight so we splurged on a slip at the marina and get plenty of juice to power electric heaters.

It was a lumpy day of motoring into 3' to 5' seas. No big deal for the boat but tiresome and tedious for us. We'll continue on to Harrisville tomorrow...IF...I can fix the engine siphon loop. I noticed a drip in the fitting so I tried to put a new hose clamp on the hose. The corroded hose barb snapped off!! Hopefully the hardware store has a replacement. Just part of keeping an old boat running. No duct tape and bailing wire, but constant 'stuff' to keep me on my toes.

Got the Spot Messenger working. Just took an application of $$ to get the instant tracking feature. So follow along in real time when we are on the move...Tracks to Freedom

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  1. Glad you are on your toes. It is not easy to keep up an old scow.....I mean the boat ED..ha, ha. Enjoying the tracking!!