Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's Always Something

We finally made Manteo to visit friends and pick up packages. Our much anticipated new genoa (head sail) also arrived Friday! Yipeee!
Not so fast; in trying to take down the old head sail, we discovered a pin in the furling foil has worked its way out and is blocking the slider from coming down. We can't lower the old sail! That will require me to go up the mast, swing over to the headstay foil and perform some aerial surgery. We tried early this morning but the winds got going pretty early. Not too bad for going aloft except that the headsail has to be unfurled to do this repair. The winds catch the sail and flog it all around. We need calm. It did calm down a bit, right at dusk. So we'll get underway with the old sail, looking for a calm morning to finish this task.
It's always something.

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  1. Chris & Ed Stay in Manteo NC Coming weather bad!

    This is a report I compiled for Melissa Blandchard aboard Knotti-Girl in Beaufort NC just south of you but this coming weather system will certainly effect you as well over the next 7 days:

    STAY PUT - Your weather this coming week does not look good!

    On Tuesday at 1700 your local time a very nasty weather system approaches from the SW bringing 30 knot squalls backing violently to the south then west during the night increasing all the time !

    By Wednesday at 1100 Local time the wind will back and increase further to 40 knots. gusting 45/50knots with heavy rain!

    This weather system will not ease down until possibly the weekend but the seas will still be lumpy.

    Both UGRIB and Passaegweather depict this storm on Wednesday/Thursday. - Keep your anchors set and do not move!

    Best wishes David onboard S/Y "Surabaya Girl"