Sunday, February 10, 2013


Chris says problems always come in threes. I hope so. Our third problem was easy to fix, the power plug for my laptop went bad. I have spare 12 volt plugs, so that was a quick fix. Problems one & two may be a bit more tricky. The Honda generator quit putting out A/C the day before we left Florida. I decided we can make do without it and maybe find a fix while in the Bahamas. Not great, but manageable. Problem two popped up yesterday. The outboard for our dinghy stalls after a minute of run time. Fouled plugs. I'm concerned about finding parts here. We NEED the dinghy so it has to get fixed. This might get tricky. There are outboard mechanics around here, but they don't specialize in Tohatsu. If they don't have parts for our motor, it could take a week or more to get them in. We think we'll leave Green Turtle and go to the larger town of Marsh Harbor where a bigger supply of parts should be available. I may also take a stab at fixing it myself. I'm soliciting some help on an outboard motor forum to see if I can garner any solid do-it-yourself tips. Internet access is intermittent which compounds the task of digging up information.
One thing we do know...rowing sucks!

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  1. As a kid spent several summers visiting my dad in Marsh Harbor back in the 80s. I've always wanted to go back to visit some day.