Thursday, February 14, 2013

V D 2013

It's Valentines Day here in New Plymouth Green Turtle Cay.

Time to don my traditional Valentines Day garb. A tradition started 26 years ago...

We spent the morning recuperating from a visit last evening to Miss Emily's Blue Bee bar, home of the Goombay Smash. Shared a few with new boat neighbors Bill & Linda from Annapolis. They were delish! (The drinks)

Chris made Blueberry Pecan Whole Wheat pancakes for breakfast. They were delish!

Sorry, no pix, too busy eating them up.

Later in the afternoon, we dinghied into town and walked around a bit, good exercise. We stopped at the Sundowner to watch the sunset and have a Kalik, the local Bahamian beer. They were delish.

Time for dinner at The Crazy Love Cafe...

Lobster & Shrimp Pasta, fried Grouper; delish. And a cocktail with dinner, another Bahamian specialty...

Fire In De Hole Erotic Rum!!! Guess what...............Delish!

Shared a table with Dave, Cathy & Gary from Baltimore; more cruisers. Having a great time in New Plymouth!

Happy Valentines Day!!


  1. Ahhh...MissEmily's Goombay is da best!
    Happy VD!

  2. Hi Chris and Ed, Love the socks...and now I am hungry! I had better not start using the word "delish!" Looks wonderful, hope you had a nice Feb 14 anniversary.