Monday, July 8, 2013

Cape May

We spent the 4th of July holiday in Cape May, New Jersey.   Huge crowds, we were glad to be riding our bikes and not trying to get around town in a car.  We loved all the old victorian houses.  The beaches were wall to wall people!  We had dinner at the raw bar at the Lobster House.  This restaurant has a fish market attached and was always busy, you can eat inside or order take out and find a table outside to eat.  We made sure we picked up some fresh fish and lobster salad to take back to Freedom...yum.


  1. Love the pictures! I visited Cape May some years ago and loved the houses. I found a little miniature book about the houses in a bargain book store a few months ago. I may even have eaten at the Lobster House, I wish I could verify that.

    1. Lynne,

      We made sure we had plenty of time to explore Cape May because of your recommendation. The Lobster House is huge with an indoor restaurant, an outdoor area, a seperate raw bar, a fish market and a restaurant on an old schooner.

  2. We didn't get a chance to explore Cape May on our trip south...looks like a neat place to visit.

  3. Ben...Ed led the way around town on our bikes! Quite the adventure.

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